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    The CONTACT-O-MAX contributes extract the best out of the technicians practicing artificial inseminations. The AI and heat detections practiced by conscientious people will have greater results.

The CONTACT-O-MAX helps these precious employees optimizing the efficiency since the don't' waste time and energy by constantly positioning the boar in the ideal area.

The CONTACT-O-MAX allows to position the boar without effort at the exact area and moment desired. It also allows the use of older boars, that are more aggressive and release a stronger odor that normally would not be used for security reasons.

Since the boar is moved in a cart instead of being pulled or pushed, it stays active longer. We have used the CONTACT-O-MAX in the second week of May, and despite the hot temperature above normal average, we have had greater results.

Dave Klocke, Templeton, Iowa


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