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Company's Profile

Ro-Main was founded in 1999 by the Labrecque brothers to market the amazing Contact-O-Max boar cart, which was going to revolutionize the international swine industry.



The Contact-O-Max was born in 1997 in the Labrecque brothers' pig farms, who themselves had been in this trade since 1979. In their ongoing quest of farrowing rates performance, they designed and tested the first prototype, which soon revealed outstanding results, getting their farrowing rates over the benchmark of 90%, which had formerly reached a ceiling of 85%.

After two years of fine-tuning, the Contact-O-Max was introduced to the provincial market of fellow breeders, who after successful barn trials became quickly convinced of the Contact-O-Max's efficiency. Nowadays, hundreds and hundreds of breeders around the world express their total satisfaction toward this outstanding product, which constitutes the most efficient and reliable sow heat detection and AI stimulation system on the market.

Hercules's Arm


To keep improving work safety and profitability, the Labrecque brothers also invented the Hercules's arm, which is a multifunctional motorized and powerful mini-crane, to help remove dead animals from pig barn stalls with ease and in total safety. A single worker, male or female, can now remove large dead animals or move around heavy objects by simply pressing a button.  

Staff and owners of pig barns around the world only have good words for the Hercules's Arm, which brings them so many benefits. Widely used in Canada, the US and in Europe, the Hercules's Arm has won numerous awards for its contribution to health and safety at work.

Always on the look-out!



Ro-Main has never stopped seeking improvement through ongoing research and development of products and technologies that facilitate the life of pig breeders in a safer and more productive working environment.

Ro-Main's R&D activities are mainly carried out in Montreal by its team of expert engineers. Products are thoroughly tested in the company's barns, A.G. & R. Labrecque, located in St-Bernard, Quebec, Canada where the main office is also located.

Close collaboration between end users and designers have always ensured that our state-of-the-art technologies perfectly meet the true needs of breeders.

Worldwide Distribution Network


Ro-Main's (Ro-Main Europe) exclusive distribution network is now spread out all over the world, namely in Canada, the US, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany, Asia and Oceania.

On the right picture:
Mr. Kim, director of swine production, Mr. Bae, president of SAM HWA, Mr. Serge Labrecque, president and general director of Ro-Main, Mr. Germain Labrecque, president of Ferme A.G. & R. Labrecque.

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