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The Ro-Main smaRt suite




Some of the tasks that must be carried out daily can be a great source of stress for you and your animals. Save yourself from potential errors or mishaps by opting for simple automated systems.


Who has never dreamt of being able to understand the needs of each animal? Thanks to our intelligent algorithms you can now react to those needs in real-time and with more precision!


You can get ready today for the great challenges of tomorrow. Let our technologies have your back!

2 modules will be commercialized, one for pigs and one for sows:

The Ro-Main smaRt suite for pigs will contain:  

smaRt Counting

No more counting errors and time wasted! The smaRt Counting module uses a camera that allows you to count pigs of any size as they go through hallways. It differentiates humans from animals and manages to keep a good count of pigs even if they are in constant movement.

smaRt Inventory

You want to better monitor your production system? The smaRt Inventory module uses a camera network that observes each enclosure and instantly counts the number of pigs per pen, per room and per building.

smaRt Tracking

The smaRt Tracking module uses a camera network that observes the pens and tracks each pig individually. This module collects behavioral data such as position and speed, at a predetermined frequency. It maps animal density in the pen and is a very useful tool for researchers and veterinarians for diagnostic purposes.


The Ro-Main smaRt suite for sows will contain: 


smaRt Breeding

By constantly observing and studying the behavior of each sow individually, the software warns you when it is the optimal moment to inseminate. The result: a precise single-dose insemination per estrus.

smaRt Health

The smaRt Health module alerts you when abnormal behavior is detected: you can anticipate physiological problems and better take care of each of your animals.


Patent pending. 

 Sales starting in April 2019


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