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Save time, money and security

  • Simplified control that avoids displacement and which is known inventory of feed in real time
  • Optimizes orders and avoids the excess inventory
  • No more lack of feed that results in additional costs
  • Allows you to receive the discount (truckload)
  • Eliminates the risk of falling when making manual measurements
  • A system with a self cleaning sensor
  • Indicates the temperature inside the silo (internal air)
  • Proof of delivery and error silo
  • Allows you to anticipate empty silo to check the cleanliness of the silos and avoid sources of toxins
  • Manages the phase changes of feed with precision
  • Avoid to overload the silo and feed return by the knowledge of the actual available capacity
  • No need to empty the bins at the installation
  • Various applications of any liquid and solid

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  Ijitrack Leaf (DE)

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