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PigWatch becomes smaRt Breeding in 2019

What does it change?

Rest assured, the operation is the same. Accurate monitoring of heat status is a key factor in the management of artificial insemination and the profitability of your herd. smaRt Breeding allows you to inseminate your sows exactly at the right time.

With the creation of the smaRt suite, we decided to change the sensors by cameras. Instead of one sensor per sow, we are able to observe 4 sows with one camera. Result: a more accessible price and simplified use!

Find information on smaRt Breeding here .
For those who already have a PigWatch system and would like to upgrade to a smaRt Breeding system, please contact us at

Scientifically Proven Efficiency

Funding for this project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agriinnovation Program, Conception Ro-Main and the Centre de développement du porc du Québec.

  • 121 sows
  • Timing of ovulation determined by temporal variation analysis of progesterone
95% of the PigWatch AI request were in an optimal period relative to ovulation.
  • 1.16 AI/Estrus
  • 95.1% Conception Rate
  • 15.3 Total Born

On Farm Experience

50000 + sows on four continents

Average worldwide results
  • 1.3 AI/Estrus
  • 92.0% Conception Rate
  • 15.1 Total Born/Litter

  CDPQ - Research Projet : Validation of the insemination period targeted by the Pigwatch system relative to ovulation in sows
  pig333 : Ideal mating time

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