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Contact-O-Max - Breeder's Best Buddy... Since 1999




The CONTACT-O-MAX is equipped with the finest technology based on the natural mating ritual of the pigs. The boar cart is remote-controlled, articulated and self-guided and exposes boar to sows by snout-to-snout contact; optimizes sow fertility and heat detections while making work easier. Its operation requires one worker. Its stainless steel structure respects the ultimate hygienic standards. Its mechanical, electric and electronic components are first quality, and assure a remarkable operation including a unique reliability.


Sr Model (Stainless Steel)

  • Weight: 218 Kg (480 lbs)
  • Lenght: 165 cm (65")
  • Width: 59 cm (23")
  • Height: 156 cm (61.5")

Jr Model (Galvanized Steel)

  • Weight: 227 kg
  • Lenght: 158 cm
  • Width: 51cm (20") or 56 cm (22")
  • Height: 160 cm

  Contact-O-Max Leaf
  Contact-o-Max leaf (Spain)
  Contact-O-Max Leaf (DE)

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