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Web developer

Are you known for your programming skills? Do you lack space for all your computer equipment at home? Is Stack Overflow one of your favorite websites?

Take the lead with us!

Ro-Main is a forward-thinking company that takes part in the global challenges of tomorrow's agriculture: we develop innovative solutions and high-tech products to support livestock farmers around the world with the various problems they face.

Do you spend your time thinking about how to make our planet a better place to live? The best place to do it is with us in precision farming!

Do you have the profile to be part of our IT team?

If you have skills in Python, it's already a good start! If you are curious, you have a spirit of collaboration, a good autonomy, and you are constantly looking for ways to surpass yourself, then you must finish reading this offer!

What would your mission be?

• Create the interface between artificial intelligence algorithms and farmers;

• Find technological solutions to solve real-life problems;

• Design clean and functional applications (backend and frontend);

• Participate in technology watch. Here are the required skills (we are open to train you):

• assert len (np.intersect1d (["python", "Django", "Agile"], your_skills))> = 1 • Backend (Django, Flask, etc.);

• Frontend (Materialize, Vue.js, etc.);

• Knowledge of Git and GitFlow;

• Knowledge of database (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.);

• Functional spoken and written English. If you have 1 or more of the following skills, this is a great asset:

• Progressive Web App;

• Application deployment experience with Docker;

• Familiarity with IoT technologies;

• Mobile development experience (iOS, Android);

• Redis;

• Continuous integration (GitLab, ...). What is the ideal training? Bachelor's degree in computer science or programming or DEC with experience; Any other experience or training deemed relevant. What is the Ro-Main experience?

• An up-to-date open office workplace where communication is easy and where work is pleasant;

• A relaxed and fun work environment where boredom is not part of our vocabulary;

• A dedicated, passionate, open-minded, collaborative and respectful work team;

• Stimulating, concrete and unique projects in the world;

• Professional fulfillment in a work environment that is rewarding, where your ideas are listened to and taken into account;

• A group insurance program;

• A certain flexibility of the schedule;

• Opportunity for occasional teleworking;

• And a nice hiring bonus of $ 5,000.

Ready to live the experience? Contact Sandra Samson at +1 (418) 889-0566 ext. 1102 or at

Hope to meet you soon!

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